Financial Writing, Editing and Ghostwriting Services

Financial Writing Services

As a former financial advisor, I understand the unique challenges facing advisors today. Let me help you translate your financial planning products and strategies in a way that both clients and compliance will understand and appreciate. Together, we can create business and financial content, articles, white papers, books, newsletters and blog posts that your clients and website visitors will enjoy reading, will learn from, and that secure your reputation as a reliable industry authority. I have written about:

  • Investing
  • Stock and market analysis
  • Options
  • Insurance, including: health, life, auto, long-term care, homeowners, travel, aviation, contractor’s, business and watercraft.
  • Annuities
  • Salvage recovery and sales
  • Trust deed investing/ hard money loans
  • Small business
  • Social networking
  • Tax codes and strategies
  • Marketing
  • Budgeting and personal finance
  • Retirement planning

Read my writing samples here.

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I’ve worked with The Hartford legal and compliance departments, Woodbury Financial Services, Brookstreet Securities and other broker/dealers and insurance companies to get insurance agency marketing copy and content approved. I know what to write and how to write it and can work directly with your compliance department and broker/dealer to get your content approved for publication and distribution.

Financial Services Ghostwriter

The publishing industry is experiencing some major shifts, making independently published books accessible to millions of consumers at the click of an eReader button. This is the perfect time to jump in and add your great idea to the virtual shelves of retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Sony and more. Hiring a financial services ghostwriter can offer an affordable way to get professional results.

Financial Services Ghostwriter Package 

I can ghostwrite your finance, insurance, marketing, networking or business book, ensuring that your message and your voice are front and center. With your ghostwriting package, you can expect:

  • Content submitted weekly or monthly, depending on the project timeline
  • Interviews by email or phone to establish the direction you want for each section
  • Time spent reviewing your existing website and marketing content and completing any additional research necessary
  • Title page, copyright info, about page, introduction and table of contents
  • Inside graphs, call-outs (highlighted content presented in boxes or other distinguishing graphics), examples, client stories, etc., when appropriate
  • Footnoted sources or an additional resources page
  • A proofread from a third-party copy editor
  • Two rounds of edits per section so that you can give guidance on any direction changes or additions you’d like to see
  • A one-hour consultation about uploading your book for sale online (Please note that I can give very little input on formatting and graphic quality.)
  • Eye-catching back-matter book description (sometimes called “blurbs”) for the back of the book and retail pages

I keep the design simple, with call-outs and examples in Word-generated colored boxes. It’s a good idea to have a graphic designer/interior formatter look at the files before going to print or uploading for e-book purchases.*

Payments for financial services ghostwriter packages are generally* broken down as follows:

  • 25% deposit
  • 25% due as each section of the first draft is completed and turned in

*Exceptions can be made to better work with your budget. To schedule your project or learn more about my payment plans, email me.

Finance/ Insurance Articles 

Articles for trade magazines, online publications, and websites help you and your company gain exposure while cementing your reputation as an authority in your industry. Hiring a financial writer to write your article allows you the ability to get your message across in a clear, concise, enjoyable and professional manner.

  • Each project will be researched thoroughly and properly cited references are provided when necessary.
  • Interviews with industry experts can be conducted.
  • We can have up to two, 1-hour phone conversations to capture your voice and determine how you want the article written.
  • Relevant tax code, oversight policy, agency, broker/ dealer and insurance company policies will be discussed in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Complex finance, insurance, tax and estate planning strategies and terminology will be broken down to create transparency and trust.
  • Proofreading services are provided by an independent copy editor.
  • Up to two edits of the content.

“We have hired Yolander several times to write detailed insurance guides. Her copy is excellent, she makes business writing readable, and she has an especially detailed knowledge of the financial and insurance industries. We will definitely be using her again and again and highly recommend her work.”

––Samuel Melamed, CEO, Insurance-Forums

Corporate or Other Blogging

Blogs are a great way to develop a personal relationship with clients and visitors you might not meet in person. Adding a blog to your website or updating an existing blog can help increase your website traffic and sales as you add value to your services through the resource your blog offers. Blogs also give you an easy way to address current news and events without changing your entire website.

  • Each project is researched thoroughly.
  • Interviews with relevant experts can be conducted.
  • When ghost blogging, a complete interview is done so that I can write your thoughts more effectively.
  • I can create the topic if needed or you can provide one.
  • Blogs are generally done in the first person with a casual but professional tone. They can be humorous or serious.
  • Finance and insurance content will include source information when necessary. Relevant tax code, oversight policy, agency, broker/ dealer and insurance company policies will be discussed in an easy-to-understand manner. Complex finance, insurance, tax and estate planning strategies and terminology will be broken down to create transparency and trust.
  • Non-finance/insurance-related content will include any relevant studies, instructions, details and a breakdown of complex theories and information. All study sources will be mentioned in the article.
  • Proofreading services are provided by an independent copy editor.
  • SEO keyword research and natural placement of keywords when requested.
  • Up to two edits of the content.
  • Blog posts can include relevant stock photos and/or post-specific designed graphics and memes.

Long-Term Blogging 

I can work with you to develop an editorial calendar for daily and weekly blogging. 

Newsletter Articles

One great way to create a drip marketing campaign and enhance the service you offer your clients is to create a monthly or quarterly newsletter. I can work with you and your team to develop a newsletter editorial calendar and I can create the articles based on your publishing schedule.

“With your help, SalvageSettlers has been able to convince the complete Indian insurance industry about the benefits of salvage management. As on date, we are working with all the general insurance companies in India. Thank you very much and without your help I would not have been able to complete this Herculean task.”

—Anshul Gupta, CEO, &

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